After a payment has been submitted to you, you can reference it and track it's status through your payment history.

To view your payment history

While on your dashboard, you can view the last three payments that you received in your Recent Payments list. Your recent payments list will order your payments by the most recent sent date so your latest payment will always be displayed first.

By default, your recent payments list will show the payment amount, the sent date, and the status of the payment. Clicking on a payment in the list will expand it. allowing you to view important details about your payment.

  • Sent date will show you the date that the payment was submitted.
  • Payment amount of the original payment that was submitted by the payor.
  • Fees if any transmission or conversion fees were deducted from the payment amount.
  • Tax withholdings if you had any taxes deducted from the payment amount.
  • Received amount for the total funds that you receive after fees and taxes.
  • Delivered to the payout method that was active at the time of submission.
  • Payment reference or purpose of the payment.

If you need to view an older payment

At the bottom of your recent payments list, you can click on View all payments to open your complete payment history. Your payment history will show all of the payments that you have received across the last 12 months. By clicking on the dropdown menu above your payments, you can change this setting to allow you to view more recent or older payments. 

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